How To Remove Moss From Your Roof in Southbury, CT

How To Remove Moss From Your Roof in Southbury, CT

A roof covered in green and luscious moss may be appealing, giving the house a fairy tale or Hobbit-like vibe. However, in real life, moss gives no additional benefits to a roof. If left unchecked, it can cause substantial structural damage to one’s roof and property. When roof moss grows thick enough to cover the shingles and induce degradation, it can cause permanent damage. When this occurs, you will require a new roof installation in Southbury, CT.

However, if you catch the moss on the roof early enough, you may get rid of it quickly. Roof moss can be killed with various readily available liquid and dry products, but the most important part is clearing away the dead moss. If not removed, dead moss can act as a sponge, absorbing water and hastening the deterioration of the roof.

Read on to learn the best steps for removing moss from your home’s roof in Southbury, CT.

1. Prepare the Area

Regardless of the moss removal method, you should dress in working clothes and use protective glasses, rubber gloves, a cap, and non-slip shoes to avoid getting dirty. A safety rope or harness is a must if you need to access the peak of your roof. Put plastic over the nearby plants to protect them.

2. Use a Moss Remover

Use an extension ladder to climb the roof and apply the moss-killing powder. The moss killer should be spread along the roof ridge in straight lines about two to four feet apart. The best time to use a dry moss killer is typically during the spring or fall when moss is actively growing.

This is because the moss will be more susceptible to the treatment, which will increase the dry moss killer’s effectiveness. It’s also important to avoid applying the product during periods of drought, as dry moss killer will not be effective if the moss is not actively growing. Additionally, it’s recommended to avoid applying the product during periods of high temperatures, as it could cause damage to your lawn or plants.

Steps to take when using liquid moss killer:

  • Use a garden hose to spray the moss killer directly from the bottle over the affected areas.
  • For optimal results, run the water for a few seconds until the liquid moss remover starts coming out.
  • It’s recommended to spray the roof from the peak to the eaves.

Remember that you might need multiple moss-killer bottles for particularly large roof areas.

3. Utilize Rain for Dry Moss Killer

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The rain aids in activating and dispersing the moss-killing powder on your roof. It only takes a light rain for the moss killer to wash down the roof and completely coat the entire surface. If the weather is unfavorable, an alternative approach is to lightly sprinkle water on the roof.

4. Clear the Dead Moss

Once the moss has become brown and is dead, you can safely remove it. In any case, you’ll want to wait about a month or two to ensure that all the moss is dead and dried from the roots up. When everything is set, it’s time to climb up on the roof and remove the moss from the ground up. The best tools for the job include:

  • A putty knife.
  • A painter’s tool with five functions.
  • A long-handled, soft-bristled brush.

These tools should gently lift moss mats, which should then be brushed away. To remove residual moss from the cracks, use the scraper’s sharp edge like a dental pick.

Brush away any loose moss as you move from the eaves line to the ridge of the roof. If the roof has multiple planes covered in moss, you must repeat the process for each level, starting at the lowest. It’s crucial to scrape the moss off the roof but do so carefully so as not to cause any damage. That way, you won’t have to worry about rushing through a roof installation in Southbury, CT. This systematic process could take many days if you have an expansive roof. If you find yourself getting exhausted, slow down and take a break.

5. Soak and Rinse the Roof

Give the roof a thorough soaking and rinsing with the garden hose before leaving for the day, or take a long break to flush the moss remains down the gutters. You should only continue working once the roof has completely dried. In that manner, you can tell where the moss removal effort is still needed.

Best Roof Installation in Southbury, CT

Best Roof Installation in Southbury, CT ​

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