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Your roof is one of your home’s most important assets – and you need to do your best to ensure it’s up to date. Just like the entire roofing system works and its parts, we here at Roofing Contractors of Southbury work together to ensure that you get the best type of roof possible. 

Being the top-rated roofing contractor in Southbury, CT, we are dedicated to making homes in the town of Southbury, CT, equipped with some of the most durable and structurally sound roofs. We offer roofing services at the most affordable prices, ensuring that even those who are budget-restricted will be able to get the top that they deserve.

With our team of roofing specialists in Southbury, CT, we can assure you get the best quality roofing services- whether installation, repair, or maintenance. Give us a call so we can give you a free estimate and consultation for your roofing project.

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Roofing projects don’t always have to be as complicated as they should be. With the help of Roofing Contractor of Southbury, we can help you achieve a sturdy and functional roof within three simple steps. Contact us to get your roofing project started today!

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Get in touch with us through our phone number or email so we can get started on your envisioned project. Our team of roofing specialists in Southbury, CT, is eager to assist you with any questions you may have regarding the project. You can also fill up our form to receive your free estimate and consultation.

Plan the Project

Once we’ve finalized our partnership, we will now start the planning process. One of our crew will visit your property and inspect the roof to identify any areas of concern and the materials needed to complete the project. After the inspection, we will discuss our findings and give you a free estimate.

Start Roofing!

After finalizing the plan, we will now get to work. We’ll get your roof ready for the project, depending on your preferred service. Once everything is placed, we will set the project into motion. We’ll ensure that you get a newly installed or repaired roof far superior to your existing one.

Our licensed team of roofing specialists is looking forward to working with you. Contact us today for a free estimate and consultation for your roofing project – no commitment!

The Top Rated Residential and Commercial Roofing Company in Southbury, CT

Our residential roofing crew throughout Bethel, Connecticut, has provided excellent service to countless satisfied customers. So get your project rolling by contacting us today!

Best Commercial & Residential Roofers in Southbury, CT

06487 Southbury, CT is a town in western New Haven County in Connecticut. It’s arguably one of the best places to live in Connecticut because it gives a sparse suburban feel to its residents. Southbury, CT is a beautiful and quiet town with lots of lovely scenery. Because of its abundance of scenic landscapes, it’s home to many parks, such as Kettletown Skate Park, Ballantine Park, and Hidden Pond Park, to name a few.

Southbury, CT, is also home to many local businesses. There are a lot of establishments in this area, such as restaurants, hotels, and other essential businesses that keep the town’s economy growing. 

This area’s residential and commercial establishments need to maintain their roofs to keep them functional. Ensuring quality roofs protect their properties makes them safe from the warm and wet summers and the freezing, snowy winters. The need for quality roofing companies in this town drives Roofing Contractor of Southbury to offer residential and commercial roofing services.

Being the best roofing contractor in Southbury, CT, we promise to provide the town’s residents with long-lasting roofs that will stand the test of time. We are the best roofing specialist and we will go above and beyond to ensure that every one of our clients will get the kind of roof they need to protect their homes and businesses.

Roofing Services in Southbury, CT

New Roofing System Installation

You will need a group of experienced roofers to install a new roofing system on your property. Luckily, we’ve got a seasoned team of roof installers to do the job for you.

New Roofing System Installation

Whether your roof requires minor or major repairs, we can fix it – regardless of the problem’s complexity.

Roof Replacement

Our team of highly skilled licensed roofers in Southbury, CT, will assist you with choosing the ideal roofing materials for your residential or commercial property.

Roof Inspection & Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is necessary to keep your roof in its best condition. We have a skilled staff of roofing professionals who can conduct inspection and maintenance to ensure your roof is in tip-top shape.

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We Are Experts

Throughout the years of our services, we’ve garnered enough experience onsite and offsite. Our staff of licensed roofers in Southbury, CT, are proud of their workmanship and confident with the quality of work they deliver to every one of our clients.

We’re Credible and Reliable

For several good reasons, we’re called the best roofing contractors in Southbury, CT. One of those reasons is that we have the credibility to back up our promises. Through the extensive training, our roofers have to undergo, along with the insurance, bonds, and certifications we have, we can ensure that you’ll get a reliable roofing service.

We are Reputable

We are confident to say that our reputation precedes us. We are happy to provide you with a long list of our previous clients who all have good things to say about our services. Just take a look at our testimonials and reviews!

Our Affordable Pricing

We understand that any roofing service is a serious investment, so we do our best to make our prices and rates competitive. Additionally, we only hire skilled and experienced licensed roofers in Southbury, CT, to ensure top-quality workmanship.

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People associate roofing systems with safety and defense. It shouldn’t come as a surprise because roofs, whether on homes or commercial buildings, are designed to provide shelter for people. Therefore, it would only make sense for individuals to search for the top roofing service provider or business in their area or wherever they may reside. For people in Southbury, CT, and the surrounding areas, Roofing Contractor of Southbury unquestionably fits that bill.

We are aware of the rival businesses in Southbury. However, we have complete faith in our expertise and capacity to offer any potential customers the ideal roofing experience, whether for residential or commercial settings. From the initial consultation to the actual installation procedure, our knowledgeable personnel will handle every aspect of roofing systems with ease. Therefore, keep in mind that we have you covered for any project involving your roof, regardless of its problems or issues.

If you want the greatest roofing system in Southbury for your house or company, get in touch with us right away.

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About Southbury, Connecticut

Southbury, Connecticut is a delightful town located in New Haven County, nestled in the scenic western region of the state. Renowned for its natural beauty, close-knit community, and charming New England atmosphere, Southbury offers residents and visitors a peaceful and picturesque retreat.

One of Southbury’s most notable features is its stunning landscapes. The town is blessed with rolling hills, picturesque farmland, and an abundance of wooded areas. Outdoor enthusiasts can take advantage of the numerous parks and nature preserves, such as Kettletown State Park and Southford Falls State Park. These areas offer opportunities for hiking, camping, fishing, and picnicking, allowing individuals to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature.

Southbury is also home to the renowned Audubon Center at Bent of the River, a sanctuary dedicated to the preservation of wildlife and the environment. This sanctuary provides a serene setting for birdwatching, nature walks, and educational programs focused on conservation and environmental awareness.

The town’s rich history is evident in its well-preserved historic sites. The South Britain Historic District, with its charming 18th-century buildings, showcases Southbury’s colonial heritage. The Glebe House Museum and Gertrude Jekyll Garden is another significant landmark, offering a glimpse into the town’s past. Visitors can explore the museum’s exhibits and stroll through the stunning gardens, which are inspired by the renowned English garden designer Gertrude Jekyll.

Southbury embraces a strong sense of community, with various local events and festivals throughout the year. The Southbury Farmers’ Market, held seasonally, provides an opportunity to support local farmers and artisans while enjoying fresh produce and handmade goods. The town also hosts the Southbury Cultural Arts Commission’s Summer Concert Series, featuring live music performances in scenic outdoor settings, fostering a vibrant and engaging community spirit.

For those seeking retail therapy and dining options, Southbury boasts a variety of shops, boutiques, and restaurants. The town center offers a mix of quaint local businesses and well-known establishments, ensuring there is something to cater to every taste and preference. Additionally, neighboring towns, such as Woodbury, are renowned for their antique shops and unique specialty stores, attracting visitors from near and far.

Southbury’s location also provides convenient access to nearby cities. Located just a short drive from Waterbury and Danbury, residents can easily access a wider range of shopping, entertainment, and employment opportunities. The town’s proximity to major transportation routes, including Interstate 84, allows for convenient travel throughout the region.

In summary, Southbury, CT, offers a peaceful and picturesque setting with its scenic landscapes, rich history, and strong community spirit. Whether exploring the great outdoors, immersing oneself in local culture, or enjoying the charm of the town center, Southbury provides a tranquil and welcoming environment for residents and visitors alike.


Frederick Carlson
Frederick Carlson
The work done by the Roofing Contractor of Southbury was excellent. When they replaced the roof on our Southbury townhouse, they did a fantastic job. The project manager is a pleasure to work with because he is well-informed, quick to respond, and meticulous.
Francis Denis
Francis Denis
What I experienced with Roofing Contractor of Southbury was enlightening. In spite of my roofing issues, their crew was quick to address my concerns before we got to work. They were able to answer my neighbor's inquiries and put her mind at ease. They didn't overcharge, showed up promptly, and left everything spotless. They offered to come on a weekend if it meant I could avoid missing time at the office. A written 10-year warranty was given to me before they left. This is just so upbeat and wonderful on every level!
Sean Nunez
Sean Nunez
This is a firm I would confidently refer to anyone. When I phoned the Roofing Contractor of Southbury for an estimate, they got back to me quickly and were flexible with their availability. When I needed a roof repair and contacted many businesses for estimates, I found that the Roofing Contractor of Southbury was just as affordable as the others. They mended my firewalls and did an overlay on my roof in addition to installing new skylights and repairing the leaks surrounding them. You provided me with images of the work in progress and the final result was satisfactory. That was a job well done! I appreciate it a lot.
Dora Dermody
Dora Dermody
I'm relieved that I decided to go with Roofing Contractor of Southbury to replace my flat roof entirely. After their initial visit, they promptly delivered the no-cost estimate. They returned to look over the estimate, and we ended up hiring them right then and there. The roofing Contractor of Southbury was prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable about roofing, and they left no mess behind. They were reliable in both appearance and productivity (no drama at all). I have no qualms about referring him to close friends and family.💯💯💯👍
John Charlotte
John Charlotte
They were dependable, experts in their field, well-organized, and knew what they were doing. The Roofing Contractor of Southbury's crew performed an excellent job repairing the roof of my brownstone. They not only fixed my roof and put on new shingles but also provided helpful ideas that led to a lower price quote for my husband and me. My sister and neighbor used them for roof repairs and other installations, so I know they are really good.
A Google User
A Google User
Roofing Contractor of Southbury helped us find the source of a leak near our sunroof, and we are quite grateful to them. They got back to us soon after we contacted them and set up an appointment to come out straight away. The Roofing Contractor of Southbury was upfront about the cost and went out of their way to follow up and make sure everything was perfect. For all my future waterproofing requirements, I will definitely be giving them a call.
Mary Earl
Mary Earl
Roofing Contractor of Southbury was fantastic and very knowledgeable when they came to inspect our gutter issue and the water damage caused by the fractures within the house. They promptly supplied a comprehensive estimate and offered to begin work right away. Their feedback was consistently honest, and they even gave us a guarantee. If you need any kind of work or roofing services done, the Roofing Contractor of Southbury is the one to call.
Mary Diaze
Mary Diaze
It can be challenging to locate a reliable roofing company in the Southbury area. A buddy of mine who just had their roof redone by Roofing Contractor of Southbury gave me their recommendation. What a wonderful suggestion! I've never seen such a a hard-working and dedicated group of people. I was astounded by how smoothly and swiftly everything was dealt with. The new roof they installed looks great and should last many years.♥️👍
Makenna Taylor
Makenna Taylor
After discovering water damage, I called four different roofing contractors to inspect the roof. The proposal from Roofing Contractor of Southbury was the most detailed and cost the least. In addition, they provided comprehensive responses to the thousands of queries I had. Throughout the endeavor, they remained accessible through SMS and responsive. Members of the squad carried themselves in a manner befitting a professional establishment. We'll have to wait and see how long our roof lasts, but so far, so good. We picked a winner with Roofing Contractor of Southbury, in my opinion.
Jordan Williams
Jordan Williams
Roofing Contractor of Southbury provides superb assistance to customers both via phone and in person. Affordability, punctuality, and high-caliber service: all top marks. After completing the task, the crew put everything back in its original place and cleaned up the mess. The existing roof was rolled over, and we were given a 10-year warranty on the work. We were given "before" and "after" images of their work and are pleased with it. They are the go-to people in my mind whenever I need roofing work done.

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